A wonderful journey round the body.
TUA 360° is an electronic passive gymnastics set completely contained in a practical belt made of soft synthetic material, utilizing the innovative patented ROTOFIT system, scientifically developed and clinically tested. The set consists of an electronic control unit which generates a train of modulated square wave impulses specifically studied to obtain an effective, pleasurable muscular contraction, plus two pairs of ROTOFIT system electrodes. Use TUA 360° for slimming, toning and flattening the tummy. TUA for firming and lifting the breasts, for firming, shaping and strongly lifting the buttocks, for combating localized cellulite and slimming and toning the thighs. TUA 360°, for relaxing and toning all of the muscular system as well.

Tua 360° utilizes the innovative patented ROTOFIT® system

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