For a truly flat and firm tummy

A revolutionary device, patented worldwide.
A strong synergy between active work-out and passive exercise induced by electro stimulation which upgrades and amplifies the efficacy.
Tua Trainer is a device for training abdominal muscles on the ground. It is made by an electronic control unit with specific training programs and two pairs of electrodes mounted on a special belt. The electrodes come into action automatically as soon as a certain level of active muscle contraction is achieved.

Tua Trainer

But there is more, Tua Trainer is a truly and real electronic PERSONAL TRAINER. It is in fact made of a VOICE that SPEAKS, actually TELLS the user what to do, step after step, when to lift up, when to lie down, when to remain in contraction, etc.

The COMMAND is given by a persuasive and resolute voice, determined to make us carry out the  exercise correctly till the end.

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