Electrostimulation exploits a natural principle of our body. The brain in fact stimulates muscles
through electro-chemical impulses conveyed to the fibres.
In the same way, through its electrodes, TUA TRE’ND conveys special low-voltage currents to the muscles and tissues. These currents are controlled and absolutely safe, able to cause the passive contraction of the muscle fibres and increase blood flow in the areas involved.
As and from today, all the advantages of electrostimulation are at your disposal.
In human beings, skeletal muscle contraction is controlled by the central nervous system by means of electro-chemical impulses conveyed through the nervous system.
The electro muscle stimulator is an appliance able to generate specific electrical currents that
cause muscle contraction by substituting the impulses generated by the central nervous system.
In this case, the current is applied at the point where the nerve comes into contact with the muscle cells (neuromuscular plate).
By modulating a series of variable parameters like the frequency of electrical impulses, duration of contraction and recovery, etc....various programs can be obtained useful for achieving different goals, strengthening muscle power, toning up beauty treatment, right up to the decontraction of injured and contracted muscles. Besides the correct positioning of the electrodes, care must also be given to choosing the right program for the result to be achieved.
On this in fact will depend to a great extent the success of training through induced electric

Training by electrostimulation provides a number of advantages which, when used according to criteria suited to the specific context, are such as to integrate and partially replace voluntary training. Among these can be included:
- Selective stimulation of the muscle group or part of this. By positioning the electrodes correctly on the different muscles, a specific stimulation can be achieved on the selected muscle. Reducing activity of the adjacent muscles to a minimum. This is unlike what happens in the case of voluntary contraction, where the muscles always work according to specific muscle chains and synergies. For example, the selective stimulation of the quadriceps Voluntary brain-marrow-muscle triggering IMPULSE ELECTROSTIMULATOR Triggering by electrostimulation muscle, or one of its heads (like the vastus medialis) can be achieved.
- Maximum recruitment of muscle fibres. By setting suitable current intensities, the maximum recruitment of muscle fibres can be obtained, something hard to achieve through voluntary contraction.
- Absence of load on joints. Especially on the spine, where problems in this area often represent a limitation to physical activity in both sedentary and sportspersons.
- Absence of general body tiredness. This makes it possible to concentrate a high number of specific intensity training stimulations within a short period of time. A large volume of work is thus done that would otherwise be impossible, within the same space of time, during the performance of traditional muscle activity programs.
- Rapid progress. Whether sports training, beauty treatment or rehabilitation after injuries, progress is always fast. In this latter case in fact, with due parameters, electrostimulation can be promptly used, thus considerably speeding up recovery and strengthening processes.

Voluntary brain-marrow-muscle triggering

Triggering by electrostimulation

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