TUA TRE’ND Face&Body is a complete electrostimulation appliance for treating every part of the body. The control unit does in fact generate different wave shapes for the body and face. A symmetric biphasic rectangular current is used for all body treatments and a perfectly sinusoidal current, suitably modulated, is used for the smaller and delicate muscles of the face.

The work programs are completely pre-programmed and
already complete with all specific parameters such as stimulation
frequency, pulse width, contraction times and recovery times:
only the stimulation intensity has to be regulated.

For body treatments, the machine has 2 independent outputs for
piloting adhesive-gel electrodes, especially suited for all body
area applications.
The intensity of stimulation can be regulated directly by the user
by means of precise 1 mA steps.

For face treatments, TUA TRE’ND Face&Body features a special
patented electrode for perfect positioning on the various facial

symmetrical biphasic rectangular current for stimulating body muscles

sinusoidal current for stimulating face muscles

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