BODY PROGRAMS TUA TRE’ND Body features 12 programs:
- 6 for the upper body
- 6 for the lower body.
The programs can be quickly selected by means of navigation buttons and displayed by clear icons on the luminous display screen.

1 SLIM program for slimming fatty areas
Localised adiposity, caused by bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, is an increasingly more
widespread problem universally
acknowledged as producing considerable aesthetic damage, but
also as being bad for the health. The way to reduce adipose is to regulate the energy balance and this is possible in just two ways:
- reduction in energy intake, i.e. food
- increased energy consumption, obtainable by raising the metabolism, muscle activity or temperature.

The excito-motor action of the SLIM program with its fast exercise (short contractions followed by equally short pauses for relaxation), comparable to aerobic workouts, submits the treated area
to a dynamic muscular activity, which results in a considerable increase in local blood circulation and a consequent rise in temperature. This results in increased energy consumption without any strain. This sort of “gymnastics” also has the advantage of being able to be done by everybody, without any cardiocirculatory involvement, acceleration of breathing or heartbeat rates.

2 TONEprogram for toning up and firming
Loss of skin and muscle tone is a natural occurrence, because during the course of the years, our skin gradually tends to become less elastic and lose water.
This results in its being less taut and firm.
Because we also become more sedentary as we grow older, our muscles lose volume and tone. Along with these tendencies, tied to ageing, other occurrences must be taken into consideration
like pregnancy, the sudden putting on of weight and slimming, cellulite and hormone climactic, all factors capable of causing an alternation of stretching and relaxing harmful to the elasticity of
the skin. TUA TRE’ND Body’s 2 TONE program is able to provide really focussed body sculpting using the action of the excito-motor current which optimises trophism and muscular tone and drains liquids which have built up in the tissues. TONE exercises muscles with prolonged contractions followed by short relaxing pauses. This ensures demanding muscular work, comparable to a gym workout with heavy weights (bodybuilding) and consequent intense vascularization which enables rapid recovery of muscular tone and mass.

3 LIPOCELL The LIPOCELL program gets rid of waste substances that tend to intoxicate cells (catabolites), thereby favouring liquid retention, by means of the trophic and capillarising action of the specifically used
frequencies. Finally, the lipolytic action of this program is targeted on triggering energy mechanisms that use fatty acids as substrate for biochemical reactions, thus favouring their elimination.
The 3 LIPOCELL program is also effective for treating cellulite.
Cellulite is an unsightly defect based on defective primary microcirculation, leading to alteration of the adipose tissue and connective fibres.
The various existing treatments to contrast cellulite aim at:
- improving circulation (“heat producing” or “vaso-tonifying” cosmetic products)
- reduction of adiposity (lipolytic products like algae, iodine, caffeine, cola…)
- reduction of oedema (pressotherapy, draining cosmetics)
- improvement of skin tone (excitomotory contraction)

By combining 3 LIPOCELL, 1 SLIM (reduction of localised fat) and 2 TONE (restoration of skin and muscular tone) programs, TUA TRE’ND Body offers an excellent means of dealing with this widespread problem. Constant use, possibly combined with a low-calorie diet, can give remarkable results.

4 MASS - Specific program for building up muscle mass and strength; the hypertrophic action of this program helps restore volume and trophism to the area involved.

5 M-STRENGTH - The M-STRENGTH program is specific for strengthening muscles, especially the para-vertebral and latissimus dorsi. Electrode positioning for all the muscles is mirrored with respect to that indicated
for excito-motor electrostimulation.

6 RELAX - This program is expressly conceived to decontract and relax the muscles (i.e. cervical area, upper
trapezium and muscle alongside the spine). Muscle contraction causes tensions in the connective fibres which, on hardening, prevent the
intradermal exchange required for normal function of the muscle masses. TUA TRE’ND Body’s RELAX program acts on the contracted areas of the body and improves blood flow. It also relaxes
taut and stiff muscles and facilitates the quick neuro-muscular re-adaptation of the area.

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