No. of outputs: 2  
Wave shape: Symmetrical biphasic rectangular  
No. of programs: 12 (6+6)  
Pulse width: from1 0 µSec. to 200 µSec.  
Frequency range: from 1 Hz to 80 Hz  
Contraction time: 1-12 sec  
Recovery time: 1-25 sec  
Current intensity: 60 mA (peak on impulse, load 1Kohm)
Power supply: 4 x batterie 1,2V 750mA ricaricabili tipo AAA (part no. VABA07)
oppure 4 batterie alcaline 1,5 V tipo AAA
Weight: 120 g (including batteries)
Dimensions: 90 x 60 x 18 mm
Operating conditions: Temperature: from 0 to 3 °C
Humidity: from 20 to 6 % RH
Storage: Temperature: from 0 to 0 °C
Humidity: from 10 to 8 % RH
Battery charger: VUPIESSE mod. AD07 020
(Vupiesse Italia reorder code: VATR11)
Input: AC 230V~ 0Hz W
Output: DC 7, V - 200mA 1, VA


- Tua Tre'nd Body is a specific appliance for body treatments.
  Do not use on face and neck.
- During the menstrual cycle, skin conductivity changes; stimulation could prove less pleasant.
- Stimulation can cause reddening of the skin where the electrodes are applied,
  above all in the case of people with very sensitive skin. Such reddening is perfectly normal   and usually disappears fairly quickly.
- Patients allergic to the gel of the electrodes should suspend treatment and see a doctor.
- Do not apply the electrodes on hyperpigmented areas (large moles) and varicose veins.
- Do not apply the electrodes directly on the breasts but rather on the muscles
  that support the breasts.
- Do not use in intimate and delicate areas - armpits, groin, knee cavities.
- Do not use on the abdomen of pregnant women.
- Do not use TUA TRE’ND on children, pace-maker wearers and people in weak
  psycho-physical condition or with physiological and organic ailments.
- Do not use on people with metal prostheses, silicone prostheses
  or aorta-abdominal bypasses.
- Do not use in transthoracic mode to prevent interference with the heart beat.
- Do not use on people suffering from epilepsy or multiple sclerosis.
- Do not apply near transplants.
- Do not apply to persons suffering from tumour syndromes or major neurological illnesses.
- Do not use on animals.

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