Twin-UP Body is an electronic unit for passive gymnastics expressly designed for firming and toning muscles all over the body and for slimming fatty areas.
Twin-Up Body works on the principle of electrostimulation, meaning electric impulses applied by means of electrodes to the skin, directly on the muscles, which contract rhythmically and perform real and true physical exercise. Muscular exercise induced by electrostimulation
is particularly effective because it can be intense and selectively targeted on single muscle groups (something hard to achieve through active physical exercise).


Twin-Up Body features practical rubber electrodes with cellulose sponges to be used with normal water; no gel is needed and the electrodes do not need replacing, so there are no re-purchase costs.
Twin-Up Body is composed of 1 main unit with 4 outlets and a detachable mobile unit (known as MOB) with 2 outlets, which can be used as a standalone unit, for a total of 6 outlets and 12 electrodes.
Twin-Up Body may be used by two different users.

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