XFORMER is a latest generation electrostimulator expressly designed for muscular exercise with the aim of training, firming and toning muscles all over the body and for slimming fatty areas.

In the human being, muscular activity is stimulated by the central nervous system that sends electro-chemical impulses through its nerve ramifications. XFORMER, through a sophisticated and extremely safe electronic circuit, generates specific electric currents capable of producing muscular contractions that substitute the impulses generated by the body’s own central nervous system.
By modifying a series of parameters, such as the frequency and intensity of the impulses, the length of contraction time, recovery time etc., XFORMER allows various programmes to be selected, each used to achieve a different objective. These include the development of muscular strength, aesthetic toning and the reduction of fatty deposits but also the decontraction of traumatized and contracted muscles.

The training undertaken through electrostimulation offers a series of advantages and complements and in part, replaces voluntary training:

- Selective stimulation of the muscular group (the precise positioning of the electrodes on the areas concerned permits targeted work to be carried out, thus minimizing the use of adjacent muscles).
- Maximum use of muscle fibre. By setting appropriate current intensity values, it is possible to achieve maximum use of muscle fibre, something that is much harder to achieve through active physical exercise.
- There is no articular burden. This is particularly true with regards to the spinal column where problems often represent a limitation to physical activity for people who lead a sedentary life as well as those who are more sporty.
- There is no general fatigue
- Rapid progress.