XFORMER is the only dual-unit device available and is composed of 1 main unit with 4 outlets and a detachable mobile patented unit (known as MOB) with 2 outlets that allow it to be applied to 2 users at the same time or, given its reduced dimensions, allow it to be used in the office, in the car, on holiday etc..
XFORMER has 6 independent channels, 4 on the base unit and 2 on the MOB, that pilot up to 12 electrodes. It has 10 programmes - 9 work programmes and 1 set-up programme, divided into 3 basic categories:
Sport and Fitness, Beauty and Rehabilitation.

XFORMER'S programmes are multi-phase. That is, they begin with a warm-up and preparation to stimulation phase, followed by the work phase itself and a period of muscular relaxation and cooling down. The methods used, the result of in-depth research and scientific experiments carried out by experts, produce the optimum condition for passive muscular exercise and lead to the achievement of remarkable results.

is designed for easy use. In fact, all the work programme parameters are already pre-set and the programme required can be simply recalled by push-button. The programme will thus be visualized on the display and its intensity can be regulated using the appropriate knob. The 10 work programmes are housed on the main unit but can be “loaded” onto the MOB, which becomes a completely autonomous electrostimulator in its own right.
T he two units are powered by a rechargeable Ni-Mh battery which is supplied as standard and a battery charger is also supplied.

XFORMER is equipped with a double kit of electrodes;
-32 gel-adhesive electrodes (2 sizes)
-12 sponge electrodes (which need to be wet with water)

XFORMER is safe and complies with the most stringent international regulations.
It is entirely designed and manufactured by Vupiesse Italia, a company with a Certified Quality System in conformity with ISO 9001 and EN46001, issued by the German body TUV-CERT. The company has over 20 years experience in the manufacture of professional electro-medical equipment, used mainly by the major hospitals and centres that deal with sports medicine, physiotheraphy and medical aesthetics.