XFORMER has 9 work programmes divided into different categories, to cover all areas concerned. It therefore addresses everyone’s needs, from those who habitually practice sport to those who simply want to keep in good physical shape, from those who want to resolve problems such as muscular contraction to those who need to strengthen certain areas after a period of inactivity.

XFORMER is completely safe to use and is an important piece of equipment for the general toning and shaping of gluteus muscles, legs, internal and external thigh muscles, abdominals and back and arms, helping to improve strength, power, muscular hypotrophy, resistance and endurance. It also helps to reduce fatty areas and has a capillary and lipolytic effect.

F1/ warm-up and preparation to stimulation
F2/ work/training
F3/ cooling down/relaxation

F1/3' F2/12' F3/2' TOT. 17'
General modelling, Strength resistance

2 TONE F1/3' F2/14' F3/3' TOT. 20'
General toning, Muscle strength

3 MASS F1/2' F2/10' F3/3' TOT. 15'
Power development
Muscle hypertrophy (mass)

F1/3' F2/12' TOT. 15'
Capillarization, lipolytic, Endurance

F1/3' F2/14' F3/2' TOT. 19'
Adipose area slimming

6 T-BREAST F1/1' F2/7' F3/2' TOT. 10'
Breast toning

7 CELL F1/10' F2/2' TOT. 12'
Drainage, capillarization,
against ugly cellulite

F1/5' F2/3' F3/1' TOT. 9'
Muscle decontraction

9 M-STRENGHT F1/3' F2/10' F3/2' TOT. 15'
Strengthening of back muscles